Hello my name is Elizabeth Ridel. I am a Photographer based out of Williamstown , NJ. I studied Arts & Science with Digital Photography at Rowan Community College of South Jersey.  I love taking family portraits, headshots, newborn portraits, pet photography and action shots. I enjoy outside shots with Natural lighting but I also have capabilities to do indoor photoshoots.  


I have always had a love and passion for photography since I was a little girl, but It wasn't until later in life I realized how important photography was to me.  I proudly served in the military and was deployed for the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom II.  While I was deployed, I endured stress, anxiety, and physical injuries. All of these came home with me as well as PTSD.  My camera was my coping mechanism when overseas.  When I was deployed, I had my first basic Canon point and shoot camera. It was attached to my armor vest 24/7 as I had a drive to capture the landscape and my overseas journey.  I will be forever grateful for having that camera with me.  Now at home (Williamstown, NJ), I have upgraded my camera several times.  These cameras have allowed me to create the kind of pictures I have always had a passion to produce.  My love for photography has helped me heal and I am so excited to share my talent with the world.